Valuable information for buyers and sellers

 Valuable information for buyers and sellers.


This time of year means spring cleaning is here! Whether or not you tackle a large spring cleaning as the season changes, there’s no doubt that everyone loves to have a clean, fresh home to enjoy all year round. If your home is on the market, it’s even more important to be sure that things are spotless. And, if you can save time while cleaning, now that’s a win-win!

According to an article on, here are a few ways to help keep your home clean 12 months a year:

  • Minimize dust by keeping your home’s humidity level between 40 and 50 percent. By keeping humidity levels from getting too low, you reduce static electricity, which attracts dust. Additionally, place a bristly door mat at each entrance to trap dirt before it enters your home.
  • Apply a rain-repellent product made for car windshields to glass shower doors to reduce soap scum buildup. Because these products create an invisible barrier, water, oils and soap suds will bead and roll off – just don’t use them on plastic shower doors. When water stops beading on the door, you know it’s time for a fresh coat.
  • Take time to spot clean regularly so that there is never such a big mess to clean that it becomes daunting. Consider setting up a small kit with some basic cleaning products such as pre-moistened wipes and dry sweeper cloths that you can access easily when you spot a mess. This is especially useful if you are selling your home and could have a buyer visit on short notice.


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